Selling in Spring – Your Go-To-Guide

It’s not surprising that Spring is the most popular time to sell a property. The clear blue skies, trees full of new growth, and general feelings of optimism mean it’s a fantastic time for new beginnings. The property market in Perth is booming, but how do you ensure you secure the property of your dreams?

We’ve put together a go-to guide to help you purchase your forever homes, so read on to learn how to ensure you are in the best position possible to secure a new home.

  1. Organise your finances

The first step you need to take on this journey is to ensure you clearly understand where you stand financially. Before you even start looking at properties online, you need to know what and where you can afford to buy. Securing pre-approval from your financial institution places you in a stronger position when you come to making an offer. Buyers without pre-approval run the risk of losing out to those with organised finances.

  • Research prospective locations

Tools such as REIWA and provide property data and recent sales information on real estate listings in Perth, WA, allowing you to understand how much you’ll have to spend to get the kind of property you desire.

Read lots of reviews and make appointments to speak to local sales agents, as they’ll be able to tell you what’s happening in the local market. Once you let them know what you’re looking for, you’ll be their first call when a new property comes to market.

  • Look at the bones of the property

Don’t get put off by poor home decoration choices. Look past old wallpaper or dated feature wall colours and instead focus on the floorplan and the fall of light throughout the property. A fresh coat and new carpet can quickly improve a good floor plan that flows nicely. Small poky rooms and poorly designed spaces require significant renovations to improve.

  • Have an auction strategy

If the property you are interested in is under auction, it’s best to create an auction strategy before the day. Arrive at the auction knowing exactly how much you can afford to bid, remain calm and level-headed, and try not to get caught up in the excitement – it could be a costly mistake.


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