Pro’s and Con’s of Natural Lighting

A home’s lighting can affect its interior’s look and feel, creating either a warm, inviting effect or a cool, unwelcome one. There are two main types of lighting in the home, natural (light that comes from the sun) and electric. Each has their own place and use, and while they have different purposes, there are integral to the aesthetics and functionality of your home’s interior design.

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Pros of Natural Lighting in your home

Natural light doesn’t just reduce your electricity costs, it’s also the most powerful light you can bring into your home. Natural light is accompanied by warmth (making rooms comfortable and cozy, even in Perth’s cool winter) and vitamin D (making sure you get your daily dose of this essential vitamin).

Natural light can also freshen the air in a room. Opening up your curtains and windows to let the light stream in is one of the best ways to rid a room of unsavoury odours. Dark, musty-smelling rooms will soon be fresh and pleasant to sit in once natural light has found its way inside.

Studies have found that improving interior lighting can help people recover from oversleeping, overeating, and energy loss. Ensuring plenty of natural light in the home is important given the recent move to remote work during COVID-19 lockdowns. Productivity is shown to increase the better the lighting in home offices.

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects thousands of people a year, as, without sunlight, we are more susceptible to the risk of depression, anxiety, and several other negative symptoms. Allowing as much natural light into your home helps alleviate these symptoms and is another great reason for installing larger windows and glass doors.

Cons of natural lighting in your home

While the benefits of natural light are substantial, there are a few cons to consider.

Firstly, sunlight doesn’t always reach every corner of a house, and it isn’t always available during overcast days. If your home is an older, established house, it may only have small windows, restricting the amount of light entering each room. This is where good electric lighting is needed. Not only does ambient lighting fulfil the purpose of allowing you to see when you need to, but it also allows you to create moods throughout your home. Carefully placed downlights, wall lamps, chandeliers, and others that illuminate the house’s rooms can enhance and accentuate different areas of your home.

Next, it pays to be aware that natural light can fade colours and materials over a prolonged period – especially during Perth’s long, hot summer months. Rooms containing precious items you want to avoid sun damage may require sun-block-out curtains.

Lastly, when you view a property, pay attention to its position – if there are large windows that are west-facing in Perth, you’ll need to consider installing blinds, shutters, or heavy-duty curtains to keep out the harsh summer sun. This may add extra costs you hadn’t considered.

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