Small Backyard Ideas

Across Perth, lot sizes appear to be shrinking. We have moved far from the Aussie dream of a half-acre block, choosing new builds on smaller pieces of land. This often means opting for a larger house with a smaller garden.

For some, this may be a sticking point, but keep in mind that small gardens may have more potential than you first think. There are many possibilities for small garden designs, no matter if they are long narrow spaces behind your home or tiny backyards lacking privacy.

Small Backyard Ideas

Don’t give up on your dreams of a lush, beautiful outdoor space just yet. Read on to learn more about our small backyard ideas.

The first step in designing your small backyard is prioritising your wish list to make every square inch count.

Are you an entertainer?

If you love entertaining friends and families, then incorporating versatile elements that can satisfy more than one function is key in maximizing small spaces’ potential.

There are many types of folding or stackable outdoor tables and chairs for easy storage in between events. Outdoor tables that extend allow you to accommodate different guests’ numbers while staying neat and tidy for everyday use. Using benches rather than individual seats allow you to seat more people, and they are ideal for families with small children.

Retaining walls and raised beds capped with pavers or wooden planks can serve double duty, acting as seating and accessorised with cushions or throw blankets.

If you want to add a fire pit to your garden, consider a gas fire table over a traditional wood-burning option. Gas fires are not only beautiful focal points, but they can also serve as a coffee table thanks to the solid rim.

Or, are you planning to watch your garden grow?

If you are a keen gardener wanting to cut flowers, herbs, or a few vegetables, consider installing a vertical garden. This vertical option can include reticulation, so all you have to do is tend to the plants then reap your harvest while enjoying the extra ground space in your backyard.

If you want a more traditional vegetable garden, raised garden beds provide a simple solution for limited in-ground growing. However, make sure you consider their size and shape. Wide, round containers have a larger footprint and can also make it tricky to access the central growing space,

Rectangular, oval, or elliptical shapes might be a more suitable option.

Try to avoid cluttering the ground with multiple small pots as one larger, taller container will have a greater impact and be easier to water. And, for ease of use, place any large plant pots you do have on wheels, so you can move them around as needed.

There are just some ideas about how to create your perfect small garden. Of course, before you begin any design process, you need to find your perfect home. The ACTON Real Estate Group is one of Australia’s largest boutique Real Estate Agencies, operating out of 26 offices in the most prestigious areas of Perth and regional Western Australia.

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