Interior Design Trends Coming and Going in 2021

Interior Design Trends Coming and Going in 2021

As we breathe a sigh of relief and wave goodbye to a tumultuous 2020, it’s time to take stock and look forward to the new style trends in 2021. We see a revival in love for old-fashioned styling, rekindling interest in arts and craft, and a growing trend for rich organic textures.

The global pandemic forced entire populations to stay at home, which has influenced the style trends this year. Interior design doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it is affected by cultural and societal events, and recent lockdowns have impacted this.

People seek comfort and security in their home environments – a change from some of the more austere, contemporary trends of recent years.

Old-fashioned appeal

The need to feel safe and comfortable in the face of unprecedented change is evident in the movement towards old-fashioned styling – or, as it’s also known, Grandmillenial Style. The desire for pared-back, white-on-white modern interiors is ebbing as demand for more traditional options grows. Designers are producing materials to reflect this. There is a plethora of feminine florals, Chintz, micro florals, wicker and cane furniture, antiques, fringing, and wallpaper available to help you create your perfect interior.

Refashioning Arts and Crafts

With the emphasis on the home and being at home, there’s been a resurgence of interest in one-off bespoke pieces. From designer ceramics to locally produced quilts, knitted throws, and macramé, decorating the home with homespun materials helps create a sanctuary of calm. Even the most contemporary architecture will warm up when accessories with chunky knits and textured pillows. These elements infuse the home with personality and reflect your unique style.

Natural and Organic Textures

Again, trends indicate a renewed appreciation for handmade, authentic items as people seek an antidote to our hi-tech, digital lives. Natural wood grains, stones, and rustic imperfections grow in popularity from both naturally sourced and manmade materials. With advancements in porcelain tile production technology, wood and stone look tiles that replicate naturally occurring materials are gracing the floors and walls of even the most expensive new home builds.

Brighten up with colour

Given people are spending more time at home than ever, the trend for bright, cheerful accessories and features is gathering momentum. Architects and designers use tiles and soft furnishings to create little pockets of joy, aiming to boost feelings of happiness and whimsy. Yellow is featuring heavily, from deep creams to bright sunflower golds. This happy colour adds excitement to any room.

Luxury where possible

During times of uncertainty and unrest, treating yourself to a little bit of luxury boosts your mood and offers momentary respite. Finding joy in the little things can help everyone have a moment of self-care. From a luxurious velvety cushion to a fragrant luxury candle, sourcing elements of luxury is trending hard. These small things may seem frivolous to some, but they brighten up your environment and are a relatively inexpensive way to bring some cheer into the home environment.

Supporting local business

2020 saw many local businesses struggle to survive during lockdowns and COIVD-19 restrictions. There has been a grassroots movement to support local businesses in Perth, with many residents doing everything they can to buy local.

We predict this trend will continue to grow as people understand how much talent we have in our state, from furniture designers and custom accessory manufacturers to landscape and interior designers. There are many local designers crafting beautiful accessories to complement your home.

Say goodbye to these interior design trends in 2021

2020’s excessive coordination trend is likely to be replaced by the desire to mix and match colours and finishes. Instead, people will begin to incorporate new colours and textures, having fun with their spaces.

You can stop worrying about unwanted finger marks, as it looks like we’re about to say farewell to over-the-top glamorous mirrored furniture. The desire for over-the-top opulence is being replaced by more sustainable and functional options.

We predict a resurgence of a more natural look. Natural materials like rattan and wicker are trending this year, as opposed to reflective or smoky glasses.

According to many designers, a formal dining room is now a thing of the past. Not only do they take up precious floor space, but people need to be able to use, sit, and relax in every room of the house. As businesses continue to support remote working for their staff, unused spaces are being repurposed into functional multi-use areas.

Monochrome is out this year. While black and white anchored palettes will always be popular, splashes of colour are trending in 2021. People living and working from home appreciate that colour brings happiness, confidence, and calm to space.

Lastly, while open shelving has been the storage system of choice for a long time, it might be time to say goodbye to having all your clutter on display. There is a move towards streamlined spaces with seamless hidden organisation.  

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