How to Sell Your Home for The Price You Want



Whilst making the decision to sell your home isn’t always easy, with the right amount of research and preparation, this process can become simple and effective – meaning you won’t need to compromise on the price you want to sell for. Read on for more tips about getting the most out of your sale price.

Pre-Sale Preparation

Consult a local real estate agent for advice on which updates, renovations and design features that buyers in your suburb are hunting for at your time of sale. Some of the biggest factors in play with a home’s aesthetic are painting, replenished floors and refreshes of wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.fake omega 007 bezel tag heuer cv2014-2 real vs fake


Make minor alterations for aesthetic purposes

Whilst a handyman is perfect for heavier-duty tasks such as re-grouting, fixing plumbing issues or laying down new carpet, take it upon yourself to give a room a fresh coat of neutral paint, purchasing fresh linen for the bedroom(s), and fashioning your cushions on the lounge to give your living room a to tell a fake tag heuer formula one replica breitling emergency


Decide whether you want to renovate

Though an expensive task, a renovation is often the best thing you can do to a property to increase its value. Renovations can make a section of the house much more appealing to a prospective buyer and aiming for a design that utilises neutral colour schemes will attract a broad appeal – and therefore create competition and ideally, a higher sale price for your property.



Staging a home can set the scene for a buyer to project their own furniture pieces, design features and even family and friends into your home’s spaces. Staging also often brings in a higher price for a home. It can bring life to an otherwise sparse house and helps to bring emotion into the decision of your home’s future inhabitants – as many buyers tend to purchase on emotion rather than logic.


Select Your Ideal Real Estate Agent

Finding the perfect real estate agent in your area is essential to increasing and unlocking the potential value of your home before sale. Utilise research for this phase by searching for houses with selling prices similar to your ideal selling price and contacting their real estate agents, or simply research the highest-rated real estate agents in your suburb to ensure you will achieve the selling price you desire.


ACTON Real Estate

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