End of Summer House Checklist

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Getting your home prepared for the cooler months should be a painless and essential process for those owning real estate in Perth. It is important to remember, within this process, that you will need to perform some handiwork as the weather starts to change. Setting aside a portion of time to complete this end of summer checklist is a great way to feel prepared and relaxed about winter’s impact on your home.

Lubricate your Car

Preparing your car for winter driving is essential and will save you the cost of repairs for preventable damages. First, lower the window all the way and shoot dry spray down the front, rear and top window channels on each door. Then run the window up and down to spread the spray, before raising the window and cleaning the residue with glass cleaner. Make sure to lubricate the hood and trunk latches, doors and hinges with dry spray also.

Deep-clean the Kitchen

This may take some time but tackling some labour-intensive tasks in the kitchen will keep its appliances running smoothly and looking fantastic. Tasks such as cleaning the oven, scrubbing tile grout, cleaning light fixtures, washing the walls, washing the bin, cleaning smaller appliances and vacuuming any accumulated food in the fridge are excellent ways to kickstart your kitchen for meal preparation and storage in the winter months.

Check for Leaks

Use packages of self-adhesive rubber foam weather-stripping to seal all doors that lead outside and could let in cold air. In this process, make sure you are also seeking out any leaks and re-sealing these gaps. This will help prevent not only invasive/cold draughts but will prevent water leakage when the rain starts to fall.

In this process, don’t forget to check on all of your outdoor taps (and outdoor shower if you have one) to detect any leaks. These may have a slow drip which will heavily impact your water bill and are best fixed and detected in warmer weather.

Check your Fire Alarms

As the weather cools, heaters and fireplaces will be in use more and more. As a result, it is incredibly important to check on your smoke alarms to ensure they are functioning properly. It is recommended to replace the 9-volt battery in your smoke alarms at least once a year.

Sort Through Your Wardrobe

Evoke Mari Kondo and spend a few hours decluttering your wardrobe. Consider donating pieces to charity or selling them online, as culling your summer wardrobe will create a significant amount of space for heavier, bulkier winter items to be housed.

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