How To Attract The Best Tenants For Your Property


Though you may not have control over variables like location and price of your property, there are a number of things you can enact to make your property more desirable to a pool of potential high-quality, high-income tenants. Spending time and money altering your property to make it attractive to the right tenants is one of the best investments a property owner can make. With the help of a reliable property manager, the quality of your property can increase and stress, financial and time pressures can be positively adjusted.

There are a number of things that you can do to attract high quality tenants. Highlighting the property’s best features, presenting a clean property and representing yourself as a great property owner/manager are key points in attracting the best tenants. Below are a few sure-fire steps to take in this process.


Before Advertising the Property

Identify Your Ideal Tenant

Before listing your property, it is essential to have an idea in your head of the ideal tenant you want to attract. This will also help you select a target market/focus group for your listing to reach. You should also be prepared to answer questions about smoking, pets or other concerns – so having this in writing will streamline this process and help filter and simplify your property’s listing.


Write A Compelling Listing

Writing a compelling and attractive listing is the first step to attracting high quality tenants. When constructing your listing, remember to include a hook, informative yet concise information and an easy contact number for potential tenants to contact you. Take the necessary time to write your listing, as a polished listing will help you attract a larger pool of quality tenants and increase your chance of leasing the property sooner.


Thoroughly Screen Your Tenants

A common property mistake is not bothering to screen or quality-control your potential tenants. Effective tenant screening procedures include checking up on your tenant’s background, income and credit store, calling a tenant’s references and/or previous landlords, and asking questions to organically gauge the kind of person they are and how they communicate.


Know All of Your Amenities

Be prepared for questions regarding local amenities and facilities near your property. Including transport, schools, shops and cafes, this information will help potential tenants envision the lifestyle they could employ within the neighbourhood. A great idea is to create a separate document outlining desirable local amenities (including parking options and costs) to attach to your listing and communicate that you are very well-versed in the potential community the tenants may be moving into.


Regular Maintenance of The Property

Performing regular maintenance of the property will ensure there is less to do once the property needs to be staged. Fix, clean and arrange the property throughout the weeks and days leading up to a viewing to save you time, money and to reduce the chance of things breaking or dirtying in the long-term.


Utilise Professional Photography

No listing is complete without professional pictures. They create visual interest and permit your potential, high quality tenants to envision their lives in the space. For example, if you have a spacious, visually appealing bedroom, you should definitely bring it to life with professional photography. The next level would involve a video or virtual tour (should your budget permit).panerai replica watch


Boost Value with Add-Ons

Add-ons can be utilised to broaden your appeal and to reach a more desirable, higher-income market. These may include additional storage space, extra lighting facilities, built-in wardrobes, car parking, heating, dishwashers or more. Whilst these add-ons are a short-term investment, they will definitely boost the value of your property, and will increase your property’s yield in the long-term.


Once A Lease of Contract Has Been Signed

Hiring A Professional Property Manager

For a potential property sale, you need peace of mind that your property will attract the highest quality of tenants. A successful property manager will ensure the professional upkeep of all paperwork, face-time with tenants and legal matters, allowing you to focus on preparing and beautifying your property to your desired standards. A professional property manager will be an exceptional asset to you once the time comes to sell, as they will be able to provide you with valuable advice about the current real estate market and other recommendations for the property sale process.


Utilising the Communication Skills of Your Property Manager

Quality tenants will actively seek property managers with top notch communication skills. Your property manager should be openly available for contact and should also ensure that they are easily reachable and ready to answer all questions they may receive. The easier they make this process through communication; the more positive your potential tenant’s experience will be – so the property manager being flexible is an asset to your potential tenant.rolex watch replica breitling galactic replica


Employ A Cleaning Service

Employing a professional cleaning service can ensure that your home is of the highest standard possible before tenants attend a showing or prepare to move in. This process will ensure a sense of appreciation from the new tenants and will assist your reputation as a detail-oriented, pristine property seller.


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