Guide to Buying Furniture for Your New Home



Have you just picked up the keys to your new house? Now the fun starts. A fresh, empty space gives you the chance to flex your design muscles and create a comfortable, inspiring and cosy home. But, with so many different design styles, stores and options out there, how do you create an interior that matches your lifestyle? If you’re moving house, follow our furniture guide to build a space that marries style and design with practicality and versatility.


Your Furniture Guide

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t come from one place. Explore blogs, Pinterest boards, Instagram, magazines and even other people’s homes to find styles and design elements that speak to you. And, when it comes to execution, you don’t just need to stick with one type of design. Combine your favourite elements of different styles to create a space that’s uniquely yours.


Understanding Space and Flow

While certain pieces of furniture might catch your eye, they may not work best with the design of your home. When it comes to choosing interiors and planning your layout, you need to consider the space and flow of your home. From open and seamless movement between the living room and kitchens to allowing for enough space between items and doorways, furniture placement must be well thought out. Consider different movement patterns within your home to come up with a design that suits your living requirements and design style.


Choosing Quality Pieces

When it comes to picking out furniture for your home, don’t just opt for the cheapest items. While many budget manufacturers create attractive and on-trend products, they may not always have the longevity you need out of your furniture. From big purchases like dining tables, couches and bed frames to minor additions like side tables and stools, you should opt for quality pieces that will stand the test of time – and regular wear. Cheaper items are more likely to deteriorate faster, resulting in the need for replacements. By investing in good quality pieces, you’re able to save on replacement and repair costs in the long run.


Designing for Your Floor Plan

Instead of purchasing items as you go, start by designing a floor plan that incorporates your desired pieces of furniture. By designing a floor plan and positioning placeholder items where you’re envisioning furniture, you can gain a more comprehensive and clear understanding of the spatial and design elements of your home.


Finance Options

If you’re interested in quality pieces but don’t have the budget to purchase them all upfront, chat to manufacturers about finance options. More often than not, quality makers are happy to set up financing and payment plans to help you invest in good quality pieces without having to bear the brunt of the total cost.


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