Buying a House to Renovate This Summer? Get the Floor Plan Right



Designing a floor plan is one of the most important elements of a home renovation. From the spacing of different rooms to the practicality and flow of the entire house, a home needs to encourage seamless, natural and convenient movement. Without the focus on flow and floor plans, homes run the risk of becoming rigid or unviable for future use and development. By getting your floor plan right during your renovation, you help to set your home up for success as your household grows and changes throughout the future.


Elements of House Floor Plan Designs


Your home renovation should make living comfortable and easy. Spilling over to your floor plan design, your interior should facilitate living the way you want. Consider how you use your home and what matters to you. From expansive family kitchens and luxurious bathrooms to compact laundries and study nooks, include the features and spaces that you’ll get the most use out of.



Now that you know what you need to include in your floor plan design, it’s time to make sure the final result is practical and livable. Can you fit your furniture in? Have you designated enough storage, cupboards and built-ins? While dreaming of your ideal inclusions is fun, make sure you’ve backed up your floor plan by taking care of the details that help a home run smoothly. Additionally, always keep your budget and requirements in mind to ensure that your floor plan is feasible.



When it comes to putting together your floor plan, you need to think about your surrounds and your orientation. The positioning of your garden, condition of your land, visibility of neighbours and a variety of other factors will impact how you design your floor plan. If you dream of sun streaming through in winter, you’ll need to design north-facing living areas to make the most of your sun. If you’d love to watch sunsets from your balcony, you’ll need to make sure that you’re in the perfect position.



Your floor plan isn’t just about the interior. As gardens and courtyards stem from the inside of our homes, they need to be considered in your floor plan design. By creating a floor plan that accounts for all parts of your property, you can make outdoor areas feel more like an extension of your home. Be sure to consider views and aspects when it comes to placing your outdoor areas.


Evolution and Change

Good quality homes should be designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. Families and households change, impacting the way homes are used and moved in. By thinking about the future of your household and designing flexible spaces, you can make evolution a smooth and easy process.


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