The Best Dog Park in Baldivis



Looking for somewhere fun and safe to take your pooch? The Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park officially opened in June 2018. Located at the Acrasia Road Reserve, also known as Barri Barri Park, the enclosed dog park encourages off-leash fun for dogs and gives dog owners a chance to socialise. The Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park site was chosen due to its proximity to the large registered dog population and is especially useful for people who may find it tricky to take their dogs on extended walks.

Whether for a quick run in the evenings or an afternoon of fun and socialisation, bring your pup to the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park to enjoy off-leash freedom and open space.


Getting to the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

If you’re searching for the perfect place to take your dog for some fresh air, the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park is ideally situated close to major roads. Located at the southern end of Barri Barri Park, the park sits between Baldivis Road and Acrasia Road. Additional standard and accessible parking bays have been added to make transport and parking at the park even simpler. A walkway has also been added to the western side of the reserve to make access from the north easier.


Park Amenities

Made just for dogs, the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park is equipped with features and amenities to keep dogs and their humans safe, entertained and happy. Two distinct ‘all dog’ and ‘small dog’ enclosures are fenced, totalling around 3000m2 of free roam for dogs. The enclosures feature dual gates with full separation between entry points.

The park is equipped with shelters, water fountains, shade trees, sand areas and seating to provide dogs and their owners with a refuge and rest area on hot days. Nature-based agility notes, including recycled logs, stumps and limestone boulders, have been added to stimulate a full range of movement for dogs. The park also has a bin at entry to encourage upkeep and cleanliness.


Dog Park Etiquette

If you’re taking your dog to the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park, you need to follow dog park etiquette to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for both you, your dog and others. Your dog should be responsive to commands, friendly with other dogs and comfortable to be let off leash in a public space. You’re also responsible for cleaning up after your dog.

Additionally, as per council regulations, all dogs over three months old need to be registered. Fines of up to $200 applicable for unregistered dogs. City of Rockingham Rangers will regularly patrol parks to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all visitors.


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Homes and Real Estate in Baldivis

Spoil your furry family members by finding yourself a home in close proximity to the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park. At ACTON, we specialise in selling and leasing homes throughout Baldivis and the surrounding suburbs.

For more on homes near the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park, contact your local ACTON team.