Reasons to Buy a Property with a Pool This Summer


From early morning swims to weekends relaxing with family and friends, a pool is a property highlight for many Australians. With our hot and long summers, the pool becomes a hub for relaxation, exercise, fun and socialisation. On top of personal use, pools also add significant value and appeal to a yard.

Learn more about the reasons to buy a property with a pool and discover a variety of pool styles.



A pool is one of the most effective ways to improve the aesthetic appeal and value of your yard. From small plunge pools to larger pools for laps and family fun, a yard becomes much more exciting with the addition of a pool.

If a home has great views of the ocean, city or hills, why not consider a property with a wet-edge pool? Also known as an infinity pool, wet-edge pools appear to spill over the side of your property for a sleek and tranquil look that makes swimming feel much more luxurious.



From poolside dining to fun and games for kids, pools are ideal as the centre of entertainment for summer parties and get togethers. Move things outdoors to enjoy the summer weather without compromising on activities or entertainment.

Create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces with outside-in pools. Coming right up to the edge of your interior, pools are starting to become streamlined alongside indoor living spaces. Separate your pool with glass sliding doors and smart landscaping to integrate your pool into your everyday life.



From pool sports to swimming laps, exercising in a pool is a serious full body workout. An instant way to cool down in the summer, swimming is gentle on your joints, improves your cardiovascular health and hardly feels like exercise at all.

Encourage a daily swim by opting for a pool with white or light blue interiors. Paired with monochromatic elements, sleek and stylish pools paired with glass or matte black fencing are on trend for this summer.



While public pools are great fun, they’re no comparison to your very own private pool. You’re able to ensure proper sanitation as well as privacy and comfort by knowing exactly who’s been in your pool and how it’s been cleaned and treated.

For the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity, an outside-in pool is a great option. Whether you’re jumping in for a swim before work or want to enjoy some downtime at the end of the day, an outside-in pool acts as an extension of your interior living space.



Summer is all about relaxation and bonding with family and friends. Instead of spreading out throughout the house, a pool encourages everyone to jump in and cool down together.

Smart pools with innovative features like lighting, audio and temperature control can make dips in the pool more exciting, fun and convenient.


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