Summer Holiday Houses in Busselton

Known for its stunning ocean views and humpback whale population, Busselton has long been a destination for weekends away and relaxation. But, with strong economic growth – averaging 3.8% in the last five years – and an economic diversity index of 0.596, Busselton is quickly becoming the ideal place to invest in a summer holiday home.

From new developments, public spaces and commercial establishments, growth and diversity in Busselton is on the rise. If you’re thinking of purchasing real estate in Busselton or a summer holiday home, now’s the time to make your move. Learn more about buying summer holiday homes and the Busselton market with help from the local experts at ACTON.


Tips for Buying Summer Holiday Homes

When it comes to investing in a summer holiday home, be sure to do your research to make the best possible decision. From buying at the peak of the market to covering funds for unforeseen costs, you need to be in a good financial position to afford the upkeep of a second home. Consider all realistic costs and determine how much use you will get out of the property. It’s also a good idea to chat with a financial advisor about depreciation if you’re thinking of leasing it out.


Busselton Homes

As experienced Busselton real estate agents, we’re granted access to some of the best holiday homes available. Filled with character, comfort and charm, our listed homes are perfect for households of all sizes.  Here are our top picks for your next summer home in Busselton.


6/19 Earnshaw Road, West Busselton


Situated within the Amalfi Resort in the tourist mecca of Margaret River, this home grants you access to a wide range of facilities. Enjoy the tennis court, pool, BBQ area, playground and bay within just 100 metres. With two bedrooms, this holiday home is ideal for couples or small families.


5B McGregor Place, West Busselton


Break into the property market with this start sized holiday home in West Busselton. WIth an open plan kitchen and dining area and a separate lounge, this unit offers space and serenity in close proximity to the ocean. Plus, you can even fit your boat or caravan out the front.


56 Pickmore Circus, West Busselton


Modern, luxurious and beautifully designed, this smart home features views over the local golf course. Perfect for larger families, all four bedrooms are spacious in size and the two bathrooms are well-equipped. This property features an expansive lounge and wide outdoor entertaining area to make the most of the summer weather.


Find Out More About Real Estate in Busselton

As experienced Busselton real estate agents, the ACTON team helps you find your ideal summer holiday home. With a wide range of properties on offer, we’re able to guide you through to market to find a home that suits your space and lifestyle requirements. From modern and expansive family homes to compact and cosy units, learn more about real estate in Busselton with ACTON.