Real Estate Agents Reveal the Top Questions to Ask When Looking at Apartment Rentals in Perth


Are you on the hunt for new property to rent? At ACTON, we specialise in apartment rentals in Perth. Leasing and managing a number of local properties, our agents have put together a list of the top 10 questions to ask on your next inspection.


What are the Lease Terms?

Before submitting an application to an agent, clarify the lease terms to make sure that the rental works for you. Consider the lease duration, rent increase frequency, rent payment methods, early termination requirements, lease renewal possibilities and what happens after your lease term is over.

By understanding the terms of your potential lease, you make better use of your time by only applying for properties that meet your criteria.


Are There Any Initial Move in Fees?

What’s required upon move in? Learn more about the fees associated with moving in, including:

  • Deposits (first month’s rent and security deposits)
  • Building move in fees (elevators and building manager assistance)
  • Building inductions (common areas, car parks and stackers)


What’s the Pet Policy?

If you own or intend to adopt a pet, you need to be sure that your lease allows it. Ask your agent about their pet policy. Some landlords impose pet deposits and rents while others flat-out refuse pets in their properties.


Are Guests Allowed?

Leases can be strict on guests staying with you, so read the terms wisely. In some instances, visitors of longer than a few weeks may result in a lease breach. If you’re planning on having people stay, be sure that your lease allows it.


What Does Rent Include?

Depending on your property or apartment complex, some utilities and amenities may be included in the rent you pay. Any extra expenses will quickly add up, so make sure that you’re able to afford the rental by incorporating potential utility costs into your budget.


How Secure is the Property?

You need to be confident in your property’s security in order to feel comfortable. Most modern properties tend to have buzzer systems and secure entry, however some older builders may have minimal security. Ask the agent about security features and get to know the local area.


Does the Property Have Parking?

For car owners, parking is essential. During an inspection, request to view the car park or parking space. This is especially important for renters living in complexes with car stackers – as larger cars may not always fit in assigned stacker dimensions. Find out if there are any costs associated with parking or if these are incorporated into the monthly rent.


What’s the Application Process?

In order to strengthen your application, chat with the agent about the application process and what the landlord is looking for. From previous rental references to past inspection reports, this allows you to tailor your application to suit their requirements if you end up being seriously interested in the property.


Are Others Interested in the Property?

From crowds of people at open houses to just you and the agent at a private showing, it’s important to know if the property has been popular. Be wary of properties that have little interest or sit on the market for long periods of time as there may be something hidden that’s deterring other potential tenants.


What’s the Process for Maintenance and Repairs?

If something breaks or requires attention, you need to know that your agent will act fast. Ask them about the process for maintenance and repair requests or read through the terms of your lease.


Quality Apartment Rentals in Perth

Renting can be confusing and unpredictable, so come armed with questions to ask the agent to find out if a property is right for you.


Browse our range of apartment rentals in Perth or chat with our experienced agents for advice on finding the right apartment. With offices located across Perth, contact your local ACTON team today.