Evaluating Your Property: When’s the Right Time?

It’s official – spring has sprung. The air is warmer, the city is lively, and a wave of infectious positivity is permeating the air. Summer is on the way. With that increasing optimism comes a Property valuation australiacorrelating appetite in the market to buy. If you have been considering selling your property – take advantage of the peak summer buying months. Get your property valuation now.

What is a Property Valuation? Why are they important?

A property valuation is a report that breaks down all your property information. This includes rates, sizes, construction, condition and any issues – structural or aesthetic – that need addressing. They also cover comparable sales within surrounding areas; this allows buyers and sellers to assess the value of the property within the current market.

A valuation has become a necessity for most property sales. Buyers are more than likely to request a PV, and immediate provision can often be the difference between a yes or no. They are also mandatory for banks or home loan institutions when providing financial assistance.

Choosing a qualified valuer – above the many automated valuation services available – is a must. Not only will you receive better service but a vastly more accurate and superior result.

Are you an investment property owner? Then you know well the time and effort required to have a good grasp of the market and how to spot an opportunity to sell. Property valuations give extra insight, understanding and market indicators which lead to more successful sales.

Now’s the time to buy (and sell!)

Indicators over the last few months have started to solidify the view that the Western Australian market is finally in recovery. Now, even billionaire businessman Kerry Stokes has thrown his weight behind the argument of a buyer’s market.

“With interest rates low, housing prices low, this is the time to think of their future right now. I’d put my reputation on the fact this is the best time for them to do that (buy)” he said.

This positive sentiment leads to a terrific opportunity for those considering putting their house on the market. Now is the time to valuate whilst market conditions are just right.

Spring historically sees an influx of both buyers and sellers. This flush of supply means that buyers are inundated with choice – it’s vital to have an edge. Book your valuation now to ensure when that sales opportunity arises, it can be taken with both hands.

Our top tips for getting the most out of your valuation:

  1. Provide building plans
  2. Prepare a list of any hard-to-see features
  3. Complete any renovations before booking your valuation
  4. Don’t request a figure in the inspection!
  5. Tidy, clean, declutter (and that includes the garden or any outside areas)

With Christmas and school holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to take another step up the property ladder. Book in your valuation to ensure your house is market ready.

ACTON offer obligation free appraisals, book yours today. For those in need of further assistance (home finance, conveyors etc.), ACTON have an affiliate program to ensure all your bases are covered.