‘Tis The Season to Move

Every year – like clockwork – the housing market springs to life as winter fades. The return of sunny days sees huge turnouts at home opens and a flood of new properties on the market. With the Christmas buying property moving housesummer holidays just around the corner, now is the time to buy for those family homeowners looking to make that longed-for upgrade!

The biggest driver behind the growth in activity in the property market in spring is a simple one – the weather! After the dreary (well, as dreary as Perth gets) winter months, new properties are primed and released to be seen in the best sunny light. They are also accounting for financial matters and paperwork being settled prior to Christmas and the school holidays.

Likewise, as a potential buyer you are far more likely to make the effort to see a property in fairer weather. You will benefit from a much more expansive selection of homes for sale over the spring and summer period and quite simply, you are far more likely to find that dream home in this period.

This is backed up by CoreLogic RP data. It indicates that auction clearance rates trend sharply upwards every spring. Likewise, prices rise by between 0.8 and 5.95% higher, the further into the warmer months.

Outside of the market factors, there are several key logistic and lifestyle reasons that make spring the optimum time for a family to make a move.

For those moving to a new home and looking to make a fresh start, post-Christmas summer sales are the ideal time to fit out your house. Take advantage of bargains on homeware and furniture to craft your dream home at a fraction of the normal cost.

Let’s face it, who would want to be dealing with the stresses of moving over the festive season? A spring move ensures you are unpacked and relaxed to enjoy Christmas in your new home. For those families with kids on school holidays, this is the perfect opportunity to make the change as a family. Have them settled in and ready to go before the school year starts.

Are you one of the many people who are cleaning and tidying their domestic lives with the change of seasons? If so, why not capitalise on this attitude and align it with a move?

Now that the birds are out, and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to hunt for your next home. At ACTON, our award winning trusted advisors are just a phone call away to help you on your way. Call us today.