Top Property Maintenance Tips for Spring

cropped-hourse.jpgAh, spring! Cue twittering birds, warmer days and Perth property management experts, ACTON with your perfect property maintenance to-do list.

It’s the time of year when we leap from our winter cocoons to find a multitude of cleaning and repair tasks around the home. Most of us get into spring cleaning with great vigour, something experts put down to the effect a positive change in weather has on our mood. Considering the stormy winter days Perth has just experienced, the local hardware store may just run out of pressure cleaners!

ACTON, Perth’s whiz team in home and investment property management, say their reasons to jump into spring maintenance are to lessen surprise issues arising later. So whether you’re a home-owner, or a property manager protecting their investors’ interests with routine maintenance checks, let’s attack this list like your happy future depends on it.

Smoke Detectors

It’s a biggie – legally and for your family’s personal safety. Change the battery to a fresh one every year. It’s a great time to set a reminded to do it again next year, so it’s always changed on the same date.

Inspect the home exterior and roof

Look high and low for storm damage. Tree limbs could be sitting on your roof or hanging perilously. Gutters may be loose or blocked. Remove any debris for good water flow and to lessen the chance of rain water damaging the inside of your home.

Also check the foundations for cracks, and window frames and screens for wear and tear.

Door seals and trimmings

By sealing your doors properly, property owners can save money on heating and cooling costs. While the trimmings could need a fresh coat of paint or lacquer to protect them from the expanding and contracting from blistering sun and summer storms.

Landscaping, edible gardens and irrigation

Chances are your garden is bursting forth already! Rake up loose leaves and prune dead wood off trees, but nothing too harsh because this is when most are fruiting and flowers budding.

Edible gardens are popular now with an emphasis on grocery savings and the slow food movement. So plant some herbs or leafy greens. If you have an existing irrigation system, check hose connections and that it hasn’t been dislodged during the storms.

The air-con and pool

By summer, it’s tough to have your air-conditioning checked. Air-con companies are busy and hot days wait for no repairman. If you think your air-conditioning isn’t up to speed, get that guy in now!

And as for the pool, get in quickly before those early bird scorchers (and neighbours’ kids) come a-calling. Clean the filter, check the pH levels and add chlorine to keep bacteria at bay.

So, there’s your to-do list – promoting a (hopefully) headache-free run to Christmas. It’s top property management advice for young and old Perth home owners, investors and even first-home buyers entering the busy spring sale time.

Whatever home or rental property management help you need, consider the team that’s down-to-earth, professional and caring – ACTON. They’re experts at property management… and with a pressure cleaner too! They’re ready to help with your inquiry today.