Interior Design Tips: High-end Looks on a Shoestring Budget


Interior Design Tips: High-end Looks on a Shoestring Budget

Love the designer look when it comes to interior decorating? Making your space a beautiful place when you’re renting doesn’t have to cost the earth. While an expensive designer look usually involves costly materials and finishes, there are plenty of far more affordable alternatives that will give you a similar look, without emptying your wallet into a place that’s not your own.  If you take the time, it’s easy to hunt down items that have a similar look to a designer piece. Here at ACTON, we’ve shared with you our top interior design hacks that will help you achieve a top-shelf look for a fraction of the cost.

Decorate Functionally

Create a feeling of luxury without breaking the bank (or destroying the walls) by displaying colourful plates and platters on mantelpieces and shelving tops. Not only are they decorative, but functional as well. To give your kitchen that country-cottage look, try filling glass cannisters with dry goods (such as pasta and rice) and set them out on benchtops. Pretty books displayed on stands and pots and pans hanging from an overhead rack can achieve a similar homely effect without costing you a dime. The best thing? When you eventually move out, you can take it all with you. 

Create Features

You’d be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper can do to smarten up a place. Try painting or papering just one feature wall in any room to create a feature wall. This works especially well in a bedroom, theatre room or living room, and creates interest while keeping on top of design trends. Just be sure to have a chat with your strata manager before going to town.

Choose Vintage

Vintage never goes out of style, and shabby chic has been a thing for years. Apart from making a fantastic economical and ethical design choice, thrift shops are a great way to source vintage décor pieces that are bound to add charm to your home. The best thing is, they’ll cost you next to nothing. Similarly, you’ll be amazed at what you can find when verge side collections come along. Try checking out more affluent areas, and pick up some real treasures that cost absolutely nothing.

Prints & Patterns

A beautiful painting doesn’t necessarily have to cost you the earth. Online print stores such as Etsy have an enormous range of affordable prints that can be delivered right to your door. If you prefer something with a little more texture, try a luxurious piece of fabric – it can be framed in whatever size you like. Voila – you’ve got an original artwork in your home.

Hang a Mirror

A large, ornate mirror can really brighten and open up a small space. Alternatively, a cluster of smaller mirrors of different shapes on the wall can create a creative focal point in your home. Ranging in price, mirrors are the perfect design option for those wanting a high-end look for less.

Whether you’re renting or a home owner, there’s nothing quite like updating the look and feel of your home. Share photos of your favourite space with us – for your chance to be featured on our Instagram page