A Renter’s Guide to Making Moving As Painless As Possible

finding-the-right-real-estate-agentA reduction in demand in the Perth property market has made it the perfect time to finally take the plunge and upgrade to a bigger house or move to a new area. But of course, then, you have to move! We all know that moving can be a stressful event – whether you are a bit of a hoarder or only have the bare minimum. So, how can you tone down the stress and ensure things run smoothly on moving day?

Prep early:

Preparing well in advance will help you tackle the big day with far more confidence. If you don’t already have packing boxes, pick some up or check your local Gumtree listings. Keep your newspapers for a few weeks to use as packing paper, and invest in a good tape dispenser. Then, start packing well in advance. The fancy glassware that just sits in the cupboard, paintings, old books – anything that you don’t use day to day.

Get the stationery out:

Making a list of essentials and non-essentials can be a big help when you start the packing process, and if a number of people will be tackling the move, think about delegating certain rooms or areas to each person. Grab some labels to put on each box, and ensure the descriptions are detailed; there’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing which box the cutlery is in!

Do you need a removalist?

Hiring a removalist all comes down to your personal preference. If you have a bit of money to spare, it’s a great way to save time, stress and your back – and they will be able to do the move much quicker than you will. If you’d rather tackle it yourself, make sure you enlist the help of friends or family to get it done quickly on the day.

Be ruthless with your belongings

Ever moved from one house to the next with boxes that had never been unpacked – or only opened once or twice? Concerned that there won’t be enough room for all your clothes in the new house? It’s time to go through all of your items and figure out what you really need. Culling items will make the move easier!

Connect and disconnect

Before you leave your current home, make sure you call up any relevant utility companies to organise a disconnection so that you aren’t paying unnecessary fees after you leave. Likewise, set up connections at your new property well in advance to ensure that you can access them when you move in.

Hire a cleaner or put the gloves on

When leaving a rental, one of the most difficult parts of the process can be the final bond clean. Again, if you have the money, hiring a bond cleaner is a great way to reduce stress – just make sure you call up your agent or landlord to find out if they have a preferred cleaner. If you’re going to tackle it yourself, start tidying and doing the big jobs a week or two before you leave to make things easier.

With a bit of planning, you can make your next move run smoothly – with no disasters! If you’re searching for a new Perth property, get in touch with the team at ACTON today to find your perfect property match.