The Importance of Effective Strata Management

strataAcross Western Australia, and of course the country, those who own property in multiple-residential settings would expect to receive effective strata management, an area that has unfortunately been lacking across the board. At ACTON Group, providing effective strata management is one of our areas of expertise, and is an area that we place a significant emphasis on. 

What is Strata Management?

Strata management is a specialised field that is often met with a lot of confusion in the general marketplace. Essentially, in its simplest form, strata management (sometimes known as a ‘body corporate’) involves the day-to-day management of jointly-owned property with communal facilities, like apartment complexes.

At ACTON Group, our strata managers provide a comprehensive and personalised service that covers all aspects of strata management, including:

  • Commercial/residential/mixed use complexes
  • Small to large-scale strata schemes, including high-rise apartments
  • Project development, encompassing advisory and budget co-ordination
  • Building management, which involves repairs and maintenance
  • Financial Management, including budgeting, financial reports, strata levies, and invoice payments
  • Administration, which covers records keeping, meetings, insurance, and by-law compliance
  • Council of owner’s support, to provide advice and guidance for the Strata Titles Act 

What to Look for in a Strata Manager

To ensure your investment is in safe hands, selecting an appropriate strata manager who meets not only the legal criteria, but also ticks all the boxes in terms of providing a comprehensive service, is more important than ever.

As a strata owner, you should look for the following:

  • Good referrals
  • Check if your current, or future, strata manager is a member of the Strata Community of Western Australia (SCAWA). This is important, as all SCAWA members will have access to the latest industry training and information
  • Your strata company is paying for the services of your strata manager, as per your management agreement, so always make sure your strata manager is accountable for their actions
  • Check the conditions on your current agreement, to either make sure it’s valid, or to find out what the termination clause is if you’re looking at employing a different manager
  • Does your strata manager have any support staff, or a sound business structure, that makes them able to provide a comprehensive strata service

At the end of the day, if you have any concerns about your strata manager, it could be time to speak with the other members of your strata company to determine if it’s time to move on, or if you can make the necessary amendments to your current contract to improve the service you’re receiving.

For a comprehensive, no stress strata management service, contact ACTON Group today!