How to Choose Your Property Manager

property manager Choosing the right property manager is a big task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You want someone who can take most of the work off your hands in regards to your investment property, and it’s important to find someone that will look after it well and keep communication lines open. Your property manager needs to be someone that you can trust with your property, tenants and any issues that may come up.

Here are a few things you should consider when it comes time to choose your new property manager.

Experience and portfolio

One of the most important things to establish when it comes to choosing a property manager is how much experience they have, and what their portfolio looks like. Chat to potentials about their background, how long they’ve been working with their current agency, ask to look at their portfolio, and see if they are happy for you to call current or past clients for references. This doesn’t mean that inexperienced property managers are off the table – but you do need to have some confirmation that they are good at what they do, and they understand your needs.

Area and expertise

Perhaps one of the easiest and simplest ways to establish whether a property manager is right for you is to figure out what areas they service, and what suburbs they are familiar with. Whoever is looking after your property should know the suburb well, be familiar with local amenities, the suburb’s value and pros and cons, and the makeup of the general population. Don’t feel like you can’t test them on it! Also consider finding out what their areas of expertise are: do they have a history of choosing excellent tenants, do they know exactly how to manage certain issues, do they excel when it comes to managing share houses or family homes?

Approach to problems

A huge part of a property manager’s role is managing issues when they come up. Whether it’s a tenant who isn’t paying rent on time, a major plumbing issue at midnight on a weekend, or a failed rent inspection – your property manager needs to know exactly what action to take and who to contact in any of those events. Establish what their approach is when it comes to managing issues, and how they work under pressure.

Personal preference

As much as a property manager’s experience, location and portfolio is vital when it comes to choosing someone to manage your home or investment property, much of the decision comes down to personal preference. Although you are employing a property manager to look after the tough bits of owning a property, you will still be working closely with them for the foreseeable future. So ask yourself: do you get along with the potential property manager? Do you think you could easily work with them, do they seem approachable, friendly and responsible?

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