Ways to keep your tenants Happy!

north southWith an abundance of great properties available to rent in Perth at the moment, it is important for your investment property to remain competitive. In order to guarantee your financial stability in the future you want to create and maintain positive relationships with your tenants, this will help to ensure their continued happiness with your property.

Here 9 ways to ensure that your tenants feel like they are being looked after:

  1. Start them off on the right foot

When drawing up your lease and paperwork with your property manager, ensure that all the info the tenants might require is in there. Educate them on how their lease works, their rights and requirements when it comes to the property, and what you expect of them.

  1. Attend to maintenance issues quickly

When maintenance requests come in from your tenant or property manager, attend to them as quickly as you can to ensure that your tenants don’t have to deal with any tricky situations or wait long for repairs.

  1. Don’t invade their privacy unnecessarily

Ensure your property manager gives as much notice as possible when it comes to inspections, property maintenance, or renovations – your tenants need to feel comfortable and feel like they have access to privacy in their home. Don’t head over to your property for unscheduled visits, or surprise the tenants.

  1. Consider their needs

Rather than only thinking about what you require from the tenants, think about what they might need from you. Your property manager needs to keep them up to date with any upcoming changes to their lease or the property, anything they may need to know in the future – remember that for now, your property is their home.
5. Communicate openly and positively

If your property is being rented through a property agency, ensure you appropriately vet your property manager and ensure that they will be communicating effectively with the tenant. If you are privately renting out your property, keep communication lines open and ensure that your tenants feel comfortable contacting you with queries.

  1. Think about renovations

If your property is maturing, why don’t you consider doing some simple renovations? It could be as easy as replacing an old oven, fixing up an outdoor space, or simply repainting. You could even think about doing something with a bigger impact such as switching up your old carpets for easy to install laminate floor boards. Your tenant will appreciate it, and when the time comes to rent or sell your home again, the value could increase significantly.

  1. Damage – keep a level head

Try not to be too emotional when it comes to minor damage done to your property. Most of the time, any damage done is an accident and won’t require too much time or money to fix. Take stock of the issue at hand, and don’t punish your tenant for what is likely an accident.

  1. Provide plenty of notice

Letting them know that a maintenance person will be visiting the property, or that you won’t be offering a lease renewal because you wish to sell or move back into the home. Giving your tenants as much notice as possible will allow them to make the appropriate arrangements without too much stress, and will show them that you care about their needs.

  1. Address queries and complaints quickly

The tenant and landlord/owner relationship all comes down to great communication. If your tenants have any requests, complaints, or questions about the property, address them calmly and responsibly with your property manager, who will look after it as quickly as possible.