Top 10 Amenities to Look for when buying a Home

Buying a new home is an incredibly exciting step, whether it’s your first property or another notch in your portfolio. There are many different decisions to make and aspects to consider when buying a property in Perth, and it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of an ideal home. However, there are a number of different external amenities to consider before you sign on that dotted line – because the perfect house might not always be in the perfect location.

So, here are the top 10 amenities and features to look out for when searching for your new home

1. Proximity to transport

Is the property close to a train station or bus stops? Can you easily make your way to your workplace and to shopping areas or restaurants? If you have kids, make sure there are bus stops nearby to give them easy access to their schools.

2. Shopping centres

Are there any major shopping centres near the property? If not, chat to the agent or do your research on local shopping villages, the closest grocery store, and any other regular services you might like nearby (hairdresser, medical centre, etc).

3. Major Road Networks

If you don’t know the area too well, check it out on a map and make sure you are close enough to access major freeways, highways and road networks to take you throughout the Perth suburbs.

4. Schools

Whether you already have kids or they’re still a little while off, ensure that you choose an area close to reputable primary and high schools. Do some research on schools in the areas you are favouring, and keep transport in mind.

5. Parks and nature reserves

In Perth we are lucky enough to enjoy many different parks, nature reserves, and various waterfronts. If having a park or reserve nearby is important to you – for those who love to exercise or have a dog – make sure you ask around about nearby areas.

6. Gyms/ Jogging track

If you have a focus on fitness, do a bit of research on nearby gyms, reserves and jogging tracks. If you already belong to a gym chain, think about checking if there is one close to your potential new home.

7. Beach


If you are someone who spends more time at the beach than not, it only makes sense that you try to buy a property as close as possible to the coast. For some people this may not be as feasible depending on budget, but there are many up and coming suburbs near the shore that are still affordable.


8. Lakes

From Lake Monger to Herdsman Lake, many Perth residents favour living close to lakelands – particularly those who enjoy the exercise factor, have dogs to walk, and simply enjoy the picturesque locations.

9. Recreational club/community centres/swimming pools/

If you or your family are involved in club sports, group classes, or like to have easy access to public swimming pools or tennis courts, make sure each of those amenities is nearby your potential property.

10. Suburb surrounded by green belts

If you prefer a natural landscape to an urban sprawl, ensure your property is in an area with protected natural spots and a green outlook.

No matter what your preferred amenities are or where you’re searching for your new home, the team at ACTON can help you along the way. They are experts in the Perth property market, and can advise you on any suburb or area. Get in touch with us today to take the first steps towards buying your new home.