How to Solve Common Rental Issues

real estate perthRenting a property comes with both bonuses and pitfalls: it offers flexibility and affordability, but there are a few things that will happen to almost any tenant at one time or another – and you need to know what the best approach is to deal with them.

We’ve put together the most common issues that come up for renters, and provided a few solutions or guidelines:


Something breaks:

Maintenance will generally be required at some point in your tenancy. Before you sign a lease, make sure you ask as many questions about the property as possible: does the property have any ongoing maintenance
issues? If so, is it being fixed before you go in?

Establish how responsive and helpful the property manager is and ensure you communicate openly with them throughout your tenancy. Get in touch with your property manager as soon as the problem arises and be proactive.

You’ve been asked to move out:

It does happen: sometimes landlords decide that it’s the right time to sell their home, move back in, or allow a family member to tenant their property, and you’re given a period of time to move out. This situation may pop up as your lease is running out, or it may pop up at an unexpected time. The best solution is to know the landlord’s expectations before you sign the lease: do they have any current or future plans to sell up or move back in? Explain your situation to the property manager and discuss how long you would ideally like to stay in the property. When the situation does arise, discuss your rights with the property manager and consider getting in touch with an advocacy service to check the legalities.

You want to make changes to the property:

One of the biggest pitfalls of living in a rental property is that it isn’t yours to chop and change. You need to keep the property in great condition, and ensure that no major changes are made. However, some landlords may actually be open to certain changes – for example, they may allow you to install hooks to hang artwork, install fly screens on doors, or add to the  garden or backyard. Some may even be comfortable with you painting a room or agree to install air conditioning in certain rooms. Don’t be afraid to ask your property manager, as there may be more flexibility than you imagined.

Your landlord wants to increase the rent:

Make sure you read your lease and tenancy agreement extremely closely, and don’t skim over the finer details. Ensure you know from the start whether or not your landlord can increase the rent while you are a tenant. If they do try to increase it during the term of your lease, check the conditions and then get advice from a property manager or advocacy group on your rights regarding the specific property. You may be surprised at who has a stronger case.

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