5 Reasons You Should Buy a Property in Perth

Perth regularly ranks in the Top 10 most liveable cities in the world, attributed to its lifestyle opportunities, location, weather, and diversity. It’s a city that doesn’t move too fast or too slowly, with a focus on keeping up with sister cities on the east coast of Australia – while retaining its laidback lifestyle and focus on liveability.

So, why should you buy a property in Perth? Here are our top five reasons:

Lifestyle and location

Perth is a city that boasts many different lifestyle bonuses: gorgeous beaches with affordable suburbs nearby, booming business districts and quiet family suburbs, hot summers and mild winters with lots of daylight hours. It’s a picturesque city with lots of natural attractions, parklands, rivers and lakes – not to mention all the cafes, shopping locations, and nightlife.


Named as one of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, Perth real estate is sought after by investors and those wishing to purchase a home for themselves and their family. The freeways and major roads throughout the city and suburbs are well-designed and accessible, amenities are always close by – as are schools, hospitals and public transport. There are vibrant spots like Northbridge and Fremantle for those who are looking for culture and nightlife, and there are quieter outer suburbs across the board for families and couples.


Perth is the fastest growing capital city in the country, with a population of over two million – and growing. But the best part about the ever-growing city is that it is still smaller and more spacious than major cities like Melbourne or Sydney: there’s more space to move, build, invest and buy – not to mention less traffic and overcrowding. The growth that the city is experiencing brings more shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, businesses, and real estate opportunities.


Diversity reigns in Perth: it isn’t a city that caters to a certain brand of person or to a particular age group. There’s the beach and Swan River for those who want to be by the water, the CBD for professional singles and couples, Leederville and North Perth for young couples and families who want to be surrounded by culture and business opportunities. There are endless outer suburbs with different focuses for families and new investors, all easily accessible to and from the central city. Fremantle is for the laid-back crowd, with access to the beach and nightlife as well as quiet pockets for growing families. Houses in Perth are also diverse: from old heritage buildings to modern architecture.

Next Australian hotspot

Perth is shaping up to be one of the next real estate boom spots: and one of the most sought after cities in Australia to invest in. The combination of lifestyle, location, weather and reasonable real estate prices is too difficult to pass up. It’s the perfect time to buy in Perth – whether you are searching for a new investment property or for your ideal family home.

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