Predicting Real Estate Hotspots

Are you thinking about purchasing a new property, but aren’t sure what areas to look in? Whether you are single or a couple looking to buy your first home, are in the market for a new house for your family or are considering buying an investment property in Perth, it pays off to be aware of emerging market trends and upcoming hotspots.

So, how can you equip yourself with all the right info? Here’s a few tips to get you started.

STEP ONE: Get educated!

There are a number of ways to read up on real estate market trends in Perth, to stay across what’s changing and what is stagnant. Firstly, taking a look at real estate market analysis reports can give you some idea of what areas are becoming hotspots and which areas are falling behind. Read up on real estate websites, newsletters and reports to learn about patterns and fluctuations. Go to auctions in areas on your shortlist to find out what sort of price you may be looking at, and find out how competitive the area is.

STEP TWO: Follow the money

New developments, apartment buildings, and housing developments are going up every day across the Perth CBD and suburbs. Similarly, new infrastructure projects are announced regularly by the government and these projects usually have a flow-on effect in the real estate market. As soon as new transport facilities, roads, and other infrastructure that can make life easier goes up in a suburb, houses and apartment developments will follow and those areas are likely to become real estate hotspots.

STEP THREE: Chat with the expertsdd06434b-50a4-4d0d-ad0a-11bf2b9861bd

We can’t stress this tip enough! At the end of the day, no matter how research you do, experts in the real estate industry are going to be able to provide you with information that reports won’t tell you. They have insider knowledge, experience in the industry, know the Perth real estate market and all its intricacies. Acton Real Estate has over 20 offices in the Perth CBD, suburbs and outer areas with many local experts on hand to advise you on hotspots, market trends and specific houses.


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