The North versus South debate has been a hot topic Perth for decades…what suits your lifestyle better?

Tnorth southhere has always been a friendly rivalry between North and South of the river… for some, where they live is set in stone, but is there really much in it?

The Northern Suburbs

With the Mitchell Freeway extension to Burns Beach Road and the train line reaching to Butler, access to transport has transformed Perth’s far northern suburbs. These days, thousands of families are choosing a coastal community lifestyle and building luxurious homes, 20 minutes away from Joondalup and over 40 kilometres north of the CBD. Established suburbs within 20km of Perth offer generous sized blocks and spacious homes.

The Southern Suburbs

The story is pretty much the same 70 kilometres south of the CBD.  Mandurah is no longer a sleepy holiday destination, it’s a vibrant city in its own right with all the amenities you would
expect – complete with express train and bus services to the Perth CBD and beyond. Family friendly suburbs have opened up the area and the Peel region is now set to become one of the State’s biggest population centres. Rockingham in particular offers diversity for anyone seeking to nest, invest or develop.

The bit in the middle

The modern developments of suburbia north and south of the river are offset by the leafy inner city suburbs surrounding the CBD with the Swan River being the natural division between north and south.

Popular with professionals and those seeking a more vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle, inner city developments include stylish new apartments, renovated heritage buildings and a mix of old and new homes. The urban fringe is popular with renters, property investors and purchasers who are happy to trade block and house size for the
convenience of inner city living.

How do the two sides compare?

Generally speaking, the housing stock in the north is older with higher density and greater infill.The centre has more heritage properties and a more vibrancy in terms of nightlife with Northbridge, Leederville and Mt Lawley all being popular entertainment hubs. In contrast, in real estate terms the south is generally considered to have larger blocks, more parkland and schools and a quieter residential feel.

Value for money

The further north or south you go the contrast is less obvious, with new developments offering similar lifestyles, amenities and commuting times. The closer you are to central Perth, the north south difference becomes more evident.

Family blocks 10km south of the river, in Leeming or North Lake command prices around $650,000 to $700,000.  Contrast that with Nollamara and Balcatta a similar distance north of the river where prices are around $500,000 to $550,000, it’s a significant difference.

For the investor, the north has been established longer. With its higher zonings, the north offers greater development potential, which is
favourable for land value capital growth. However, the south is well poised for rezoning in future years, which will increase housing density in certain areas.

For the nester, the variables like proximity to family and friends, work and schools mean personal preference becomes the deciding factor.

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