How to Choose the Right Property Manager

Have you ever wondered what a good property manager looks like? Given the often complex world of real estate rentals it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly what a property manager does and how crucial it is that you choose the right one.

Essentially, your property is your investment and, as with any investment, you want to get the most out of that investment. A good property manager knows this is the cornerstone of the property management relationship and will be there to help you maximise returns. Therefore, it is essential you choose the right property manager.

3d House (XXL)
3d House (XXL)

Choosing the right property manager
Ultimately, while it may be tempting to do a DIY job (just as it was to do with that painting you never finished!) you will get much more out of your investment if you access the services of a specialist.

In selecting the right property manager there are a number of factors that will separate the good from the bad:

  1. Size

How many prospective tenants can your property manager attract? Obviously the more interest in your property, the higher the chance of securing a competitive rental price and maximising returns on your investment.

  1. Experience

Given property management can be a complicated business, it is essential your property manager has experience in the real estate rental industry and understands the intricacies.

  1. Location

Local knowledge goes a long way. A local property manager in Perth will have extensive inside knowledge of real estate rentals and be able to provide you with the expert information and insight needed to maximise your returns.

  1. Attitude

Your relationship with your property manager is one that is long term in nature. Attitude is key – you want to find a property manager who understands you and your property and who you feel confident is taking care of your investment. Look for a property manager who takes a keen interest in your investment objectives and personal needs.

What will the right property manager do for you?

The main role of a property manager is to ease the burden and stress of managing a property yourself. Being a landlord comes with a host of issues and risks, from legal requirements to the amount of time and effort needed to effectively manage a property.

Based on what you request of your property manager, they can perform a variety of different activities for you – from routine inspections, to negotiation of renewals of a tenancy arrangement, to annual rent reviews and maintenance activities. The real benefit of enlisting a suitable property manager comes in having a single point of contact that can cohesively coordinate all of the services you require to ensure the effective management of your investment.

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