Find your Dream Home with the Leading Real Estate Agents in Perth

Have you been dreaming about your new home and not sure exactly where to start? Perhaps you have been looking for a long time and have not come across the home that feels “just right”?

We hope our tips below help you in preparing to buy your next house or apartment in Perth or wider WA.

Work closely with your real estate agentfinding-the-right-real-estate-agent

Working with your agent means discussing your options and then letting them search for properties based on exactly what you are looking for. Real estate agents have an in-depth knowledge of the property market and will often be informed of new properties for sale before it is public knowledge. Therefore, using experienced real estate agents with extensive knowledge of the Perth property market will help the success of finding your new home.

Discuss your dream home and let them come up with possibilities

Before you start your search, it is essential you come up with some ideas of what you are looking for (and also what you are not looking for). The best thing to do is to make a list in order of priority. We want you to tell us what you want in detail – everything from location, home and block size, budget, local amenities, and schools. This will help guide your agent when they are preparing homes for you to view.

Family requirements

If you have a large family, or are planning a family, it is important your agent has a great understanding of this so they can find a home that will suit your needs. A great way to provide your agent with clear insight is listing the things you enjoy about your current home, along with the things you that you don’t.

Neighbourhood and local amenities

The neighbourhood you choose to live in plays a very important part in selecting your new home. What kind of neighbourhood suits your current stage of life? Is it local cafes and restaurants you are searching for? Perhaps you have a young family and are more interested in local parks, schools and a safe and family friendly neighbourhood?

Size and budget

The budget for your new home does play a large part in the types of homes you may want to view; however don’t be concerned if you are restricted by budget as there is an abundance of properties for all price ranges available throughout Perth to suit your needs.

It is important to be clear on the size of the home or apartment you are looking for. An example may be that you are looking for a townhouse that has the main living and master bedroom on the ground level. Other requirements may include the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and additional luxuries such as a pool, tennis court or double car garage.

Draft ideas of your perfect lobby, lounge or bedroom

Finding your dream home means exploring possibilities and getting creative. Drafting ideas of what your ideal lobby, lounge or bedroom looks like will assist you (and your real estate agent) in helping you to find your perfect home. Keeping these ideas in mind as your benchmark when you go to viewings will ensure you know the perfect house when you see it.

Buying your new home

Once you have located your dream property, your real estate agent can assist with all the associated paperwork and answer any questions you may have about making the property transaction seamless.

As the most respected brand in real estate, ACTON real estate agents continually set the benchmark for excellence and are committed to helping you with all of your real estate needs. Our Perth real estate agents appreciate that buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. We also are committed to making your experience with us both enjoyable and successful.

We look forward to working with you on finding your dream home. Contact your local ACTON Real estate agent today to learn more.