“ACTON” Standards, not industry standards


Well into our sixth decade of operation, ACTON remains by far the most dominant force in Western Australian Real Estate.

Along the way, ACTON has risen to become one of the most respected and enduring brands and Real Estate groups in the whole of Australia, through constant innovation and commitment.

ACTON was established in 1969 with a vision to create an elite, professional Real Estate company unlike any other, continually setting the benchmark for high ethical standards and market dominance.

From the outset there was a determination to set elite professional standards, “ACTON” standards, not industry standards, and hold fast to these standards and culture regardless of market conditions.

Stability has been the key always at ACTON, for example in six decades of operation there have only been two leaders at ACTON.

Firstly, Mr John Martin in the earlier years, and Mr John Coleman right up to this day, with huge growth experienced during the global financial crisis when clients and many smaller agencies sought the safety and reliability and above all honesty of Western Australia’s leading agency, ACTON.

Agencies and salespeople come and go but ACTON remains the same because ACTON was built to last to ensure we look after your generation, past generations and all of the generations of Australian residents of the future.